Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is wood flooring?

The wood used in manufacturing the wood flooring are well treated and kiln dried to 10% moisture content. Our wood flooring are 100% solid wood. They are export products. They are part of the consignments that are shipped to the European markets regularly. They are not inferior to what you see in Europe or USA. They are cut with great precision, and they fit together properly during installation.

They are available in different thicknesses – 10mm, 14mm & 15mm. The 15mm come in T&G, while the 10mm & 14mm come in strips.
Sometimes, they are glued down directly on the concrete (depending on the moisture condition of the concrete floor) or a sub-floor is created if necessary. They are finished with water-lacquer or oil-based wood finish.

2. How long would wood flooring last?

Wood flooring can last a life time – a hundred years, even more. It depends on the maintenance. It is very durable. You can re-finish the wood in say every 10-15 years, depending on the traffic on it. With this, it is renewed.
3. Why use wood flooring instead of less costly materials?

Wood flooring is very close to nature. Very natural. Wood flooring is very attractive. It creates a very relaxing environment. Makes the house look beautiful, very superior, in fact aristocrat. It adds value to the house.
4. How do I maintain a wood floor?

You can just sweep or vacuum regularly. Once in a while, you can mop with a damp (near dry) mop. If water spills, please dry immediately. Please, do not use floor care products used on other types of flooring on wood floors. We can supply floor care products meant for wood floors.

5. How can I prevent scratches on wood floor?

You have to place foot-mats at doorways to protect the wood floor from dirt and sand. You have to clean your floor regularly. You may have to use felt pads under legs of furniture. Please, do not slide your furniture on the wood floor.
6. Why must a gymnasium use wood flooring?

During installation, we create a sub-floor which has space under. It is on top of the sub-floor created with 3/4” plywood that we lay 15mm T&G wood floors. This construction provides good shock absorption  as the person exercising jumps or moves around on top of the wood floor.  It helps in reducing body injury or fatigue during exercise.
7. Is wood flooring healthy?

With regular maintenance wood floor is kept sanitary. Bacteria cannot embed themselves in wood flooring as they do on other floor options.
8. Can you use wood for roof, walls or other areas?

Wood has very good acoustic properties. It can be used to build stages in churches, auditoriums, etc. it is very nice for paneling of roofs and walls. It gives very good effects.
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